I consult small businesses ( and associations ( in all the challenges they encounter.

As I am active board member and normal member of associations I do have faced the challenges like marketing tactics or financial management problems.


Below you can find my special talents:

Information technology acquisition services for small businesses

– surveys and consulting of new IT acquisitions
– easy to understand plans, IT treasure maps, to make better decisions on IT acquisitions

Marketing in the Internet for small businesses

– based on your needs easy and understandable marketing in the Internet
– easy Internet-advertising campaigns, like Google Adwords

Easy to use information technology for small businesses

– easy to and efficient use cloud services, like Google Workspace services and applications: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet
– smartphone strategies for associations
– easy to use Internet publishing systems (like Joomla and WordPress)
– easy to use CRM-systems and customer management with information technology already in use
– easy SEO analysis services and overall your Internet-webpages analysis services
– easy aquisition of translation services and localisation services

Information security

– surveys of the information networks and hardening of the security of the information networks
– security of the mobile devices
– information security of office spaces, also on physical level
– GDPR and information security

Utilisation of the cloud technology for small businesses

– cost-consious use of cloud technology, like Amazon AWS -services
– Amazon EC2 -Linux servers
– cloud based Windows -servers
– Amazon RDS -servers
– server loadbalancing
– scalable clustering of servers
– easy to use Amazon S3 -cloud storage and usage of cloud storage on Linux servers

Better usage of current IT resources in small businesses

– already owned IT services and hardware cost consicious usage and better usage plans

I have faced all kind of challenges and turrned those challenges to the opportunities. So why wouldn’t you let me to help you on your challenges?

Become my client and let’s find the solution for your challenges!